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2017 Pot Luck Luncheon

Every September, at the first meeting of the season, the club has a potluck luncheon and everyone brings their favorite treat to share.
We all make way more than needed, which gives each of us something to eat at lunch for the rest of the week and weekend.
We don't schedule a speaker at our September meeting, wouldn't be fair to try and talk over all the lip smacking.Laughing gif

Slideshow Photos by Dennis, Additional photos by Anita Kuzas

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To read the captions below the photos in the slideshow just place your cursor over a pic and the show will be paused.

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These are items for the raffle. Each meeting a raffle is held to raise additional funds for our donation coffers. We support many different programs; local schools, Camarillo Park, Los Padres National Forest just to name a few.

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